Slots Media

Our Story 



Jack worked in commercial forestry before joining the military as a Mine Clearance Diver and Royal Navy Commando.
He left the Navy in 2019 to work full time on Slots Media.
Jack grew up hunting squirrels and rabbits from the age of 13, Lewis joined him at 15 and they've been hunting together ever since!


Lewis has a background in Bush craft and skydiving.
He's currently a Director of a large retail business, benefiting from extensive marketing, retail and media training.
Lewis began hunting small game from the age of 15, a natural extension of his ongoing bush craft training and resulted in an enduring obsession with the outdoors. 



A Brief History

Lewis initially came up with the idea of filming and photographing our hunting adventures for social media.

As it gathered pace and the quality of our work improved, we started getting interest from third parties.

That quickly escalated into part time work at the end of 2018, and full time work for Jack by the end of 2019.

In the space of four years Slots Media has gone from friends documenting their adventures together, to a busy calendar of work all over the world involving all corners of the hunting and outdoor industries. 



What We Do

Slots Media is a resource for the hunting and outdoor industry.

We provide professional photography and videography to all areas of the industry, be that private clients or large multinationals.

We have the fitness and training required for the toughest hunting environments.
Both our backgrounds have provided us with invaluable experience in challenging circumstances.

Being hunters ourselves uniquely places us in the best position to capture your brand's perspective, or your hunt of a lifetime!   




At Slots Media we are constantly improving our equipment to ensure we provide the best quality service possible.

We Provide:

Individual or group hunting photography and videography.

Commercial/brand content creation services.

Event photography and videography.

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