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Dog & Gun Coffee Co

Good coffee and good content go hand in hand!

Despite an uncertain 2020 and a global pandemic we managed to film these two short videos for Dog & Gun to help maintain their forward momentum during a difficult time.

As a brand that understands the importance of good content, they're one to watch in the coming years!


Dovey Valley Shooting Ground

This is one of the finest simulated game days available!
The hospitality is second to none and the quality of the shooting has been designed to test even the most competent of shooters.
The perfect preparation for high pheasant days!


Brahetrolleborg Game Fair

This was the groundbreaking Danish game fair's first year.

With the wide range of subjects spread over such a wide area it was both exciting and challenging to film and photograph. 



Animal Transit Boxes

A short promotional film to emphasise the build quality and customisation available to Animal Transit Boxes customers.


Fin And Game

This trilogy of video shorts was designed to offer useful advice to potential customers on how to best prepare for the coming fishing season. 




Quick Creative Short 

A short film created 'off the cuff' whilst at an event. 

We love filming craftsmen at work and documenting the small details of their skilled work.

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